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Sol Dance Center is a premier dance school, specialized in teaching a diverse variety of dance styles and techniques. Working with beginners and advanced dancers of all ages.

We offers its students the two most important elements for practicing the art of dancing: skills and passion. We have world-renowned teachers, choreographers, and performers.

  • We offer classes for beginners to professionals.
  • Custom choreographies and private lessons all styles all ages.

New Programs Summer Intensive and Morning Camp Registrations  are open now

Summer programs are full of activities and fun for all age kids. Feel free to chose the days, weeks, or the full month. For the morning camp you have different options, make your own plan!

  • 9:00 am - 1:00pm
  • 1 day $100.00
  • 2 days $180.00
  • 3 days $260.00
  • 4 days$ 340.00
  • 5 days $400.00
  • 1 Month $ 1,300.00
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Make Your First Dance

A night to remember

We offer

5 private classes for $450

10 private classes $850

The PROMOTIONS we save

5 private + 5 groups classes $488

10 private + 10 group classes $888

Dancing is essential for communication with our loved ones built empathy based on emotional connections, synchronization, synchronicity and also help us have a better understanding of ourselves connecting MIND, BODY and SOUL.

All classes are TRANSFERABLE