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Yaniel Murillo & Cristina Domínguez

Yaniel Murillo

Originally from Miami Florida, Yaniel Murillo was a well-rounded athlete in high school with record-breaking statistics as a kicker for the football team. He also joined cheerleading, soccer, and track. After graduating high school he discovered salsa dancing and trained with world-renowned instructor Al Espinoza of Liquid Silver Productions for two years. Yaniel developed a passion for dance and dedicated himself to traveling across the east coast to performing and train at various salsa congresses. In 2018 he moved to New York and trained under the instruction of Osmar Perrones at Yamuleé Dance Company.

Cristina Domínguez

Cristina Domínguez is originally from Miami Florida and began dancing tap and ballet at age 5. In high school, she discovered casino style salsa and eventually came to lead the club on campus. In college, she learned NY style on 2 while continuing to study ballet and tap as a dance minor at the University of Central Florida. After graduating with a doctorate in clinical psychology Cristina moved to NY to train with Osmar Perrones at Yamuleé Dance Company. Recently she returned briefly to Miami and trained with Billy Fajardo. Her love and hunger for dance brought her back to NY to further pursue her passion.